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The project is to create a ceramic door to another fantasy world alike Alice when she entered Wonderland. The creator chose a brick-like chimney door with a blue fairy behind it.

The creator’s vision is of her bedroom, but more like how she would have it with the different duality of colors and artwork. Unfortunately, the creator did not get the chance to paint her room like it’s punk /emo 2007. The challenge was the create…

This piece is inspired by the creator’s favorite Halloween movie, “Sleepy Hollow”. Even though this is a mini version of the actual fictional tree, the item was still chosen to be in an art showcase for the last sculpture class in the creator’s…

This small duet ceramic pieces are two separate tea pot sets made by Evelyn Davis. The first one, "in love with Paris" is a inspired by the creator’s dream to visit the Effie tower one day. The second set, "we’re all Mad about tea" is another tea pot…

This piece is a handmade ceramic photo frame, decorated with the excitement of graduating high school in next school year.

This piece in particular is a dedication to the creator’s dessert/sweets habit. Also, she loves anything that has cookies and cream flavoring in any dessert. Hence, the ice cream cone with Oreos in the side.

This piece is a project given to the students to create a totem pole of their top five favorite things. The creator chosen the following items: a silver bracelet that resembles a Pandora charm bracelet with different symbols on it, some books to…

This ceramic vase is inspired by the creator’s favorite move, “The Mummy”. The creator wanted to create a cool looking artifact that could be found a cave someplace with unidentifiable symbols. The glaze chosen is deep burgundy red, which gives a…

The creator was given a project to create a still image inside a ceramic box. The scene is inspired by the popular childhood cartoon show, “The Powerpuff Girls” decorating the Christmas tree with their father, the Professor.

This ceramic piece is inspired by the Emily Dickinson poem, “If I could not stop for death”. The circular body is like the poem being told through artistic expression, through the carriage riding along in the countryside to a bright sunset.…
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