The Evelyn Davis Art Collection is a digitalized artifacts in various photographic images. The types of materials in this collection include ceramic materials from high school (possibly), images of the sculpture artwork, and sketchbook artwork included. The materials will include three different types of art (ceramic, poetry, sketches) through images/photocopies. The content of the materials include various life stages throughout a young sixteen year old's eyes like heart break through poetry and artwork. The significance of my digital collection is to show audiences how I became the person that I am today, ten years later.

The online exhibit, “Dark Flower Child: Memories of a Southern Gothic Teenager” filled with dark, yet creative artworks. Most of the artifacts are made by the artist, Evelyn Davis, from her earlier high school years, transitioning into drawing 2-D figures and including some unpublished poetry. The exhibit tells a fantasy story about another world in which is like Wonderland and Oz mixed together through various ceramic pieces.